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Windows 7 Update

I feel a little silly. Yesterday I fixed the problems I was having with Windows 7. I had issues with the UI going funny and blacking out parts of the screen. Yesterday I looked into this issue. While in device

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Windows 7 Install Update

I’m really enjoying the Windows 7 build that I’m running. It really does seem to run smoother and quicker than Windows Vista. Even after I installed all the programs I had running on my Vista build it still feels quicker.

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Windows 7 Install

I installed Windows 7 on my work laptop. I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Windows 7 and I had to try it out. I haven’t played with Windows 7 a lot yet, but so far I

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Vista media play back crippled

I stummbled on this article from Peter Gutmann explaining the copy protection built into Windows Vista. The article states that Vista will down grade video and audio reproduction on protected media if Vista can not protect the media. Vista also has

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