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Lame Credit Card Zip Code Security

Why is it that all gas stations seem to require your zip code to validate your credit card at the pump? Requiring me to type my zip code is a poor user experience and extremely poor security. According to the

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Expand URL

The popularity of short URL services, like and, has grown due to the character limits of Twitter. These services pose a security risk because they could be used to conceal the addresses malicious sites. Users are being taught

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Security Hole

The other week I found a major security hole in one of the systems at work. I notified my manager who then notified the correct people. I am waiting to see if this issue gets resolved. So far I have

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Secure Passwords

These two comics are a very good example of how people do not pick very good passwords. Thank you

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SHA-1 cracked

An article in the Epoch Times (a Chinese newspaper) about a brilliant Chinese professor who has cracked her fifth encryption scheme in ten years. She and her team have cracked the SHA-1 scheme. As a result, the U.S. government and

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