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Dead Relative Left Me Millions

I got an email today from an advantageous SPAMer. Apparently, I have $11.5 million dollars coming to me. I found it interesting that this email had a disclaimer at the bottom.  These guys are getting creative. At first glance the

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Gmail Security Issue

Google was using javascript to store Gmail address books while the user was logged in. As a result if a user is logged into Gmail, a malicious website could request your Gmail addressbook.Google has resolved this flaw, but it does point out the danger

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Gmail Tips

I found this great little website that has 55 tips for Gmail. Check it out.

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Get other email accounts in your Gmail

Gmail is releasing a new feature that allows users to add up to 5 email accounts that Gmail can pull email from. The feature only works with POP3 email accounts but this means you can pull your work email or

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Secure your Gmail…

If your like me you love Gmail. The tagging, chatting, and of course the massive storage. But have you ever noticed when you type you get redirected to… Secure right… Not totally. Once you log into you are

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