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Hide Multiple Upload link in SharePoint 2010

I had a request to hide the multiple file upload links in SharePoint 2010. After an hour or two of searching for a configuration setting, I got tired and did a simple CSS hack. Granted this doesn’t disable the functionality

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Expand URL

The popularity of short URL services, like and, has grown due to the character limits of Twitter. These services pose a security risk because they could be used to conceal the addresses malicious sites. Users are being taught

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Structured Query Language – SQL Injection

A major attack vector web programmers sometimes forget about is input cleansing. If user inputs are not cleansed prior to submitting the data to the SQL server attackers can submit malicious code to the server. This code can make the

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SHA-1 cracked

An article in the Epoch Times (a Chinese newspaper) about a brilliant Chinese professor who has cracked her fifth encryption scheme in ten years. She and her team have cracked the SHA-1 scheme. As a result, the U.S. government and

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Hacking Traffic Lights

I found this article on SC Magazine that reminded me of Hackers the movie because in the movie the hackers hack into the street lights so they have all green lights. Here is the article that can be found at

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HD DVD and Blu-ray AACS Copy Protection

Earlier this month a hacker named muslix64 claimed to have cracked the AACS protection used in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs.Muslix64’s hack first surfaced on December 18 on YouTube, showing the decryption of an HD DVD movie, and promising more details

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Top 100 Network Security Tools

I have read that you need to know security tools if you are going to break into the IT/ Network Security field. I have found this website The site ranks and updates the top 100 network security tools. This

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Hacking Gift Cards

I read a recent post that detailed how to hack gift cards. The post shocked me how insecure the gift cards are. I hope the release of posts detailing how to hack gift cards will bring about a change in

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In this level our background information is: This time Network Security sam has saved the unencrypted level7 password in an obscurely named file saved in this very directory.In other unrelated news, Sam has set up a script that returns the

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In this level our background information is: Network Security Sam has encrypted his password. The encryption system is publically available and can be accessed with this form: You have recovered his encrypted password. It is:e39h;;6= Decrypt the password and enter

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