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SQL Script

To improve a monthly process I created a SQL script to break mirroring, drop the old database, and swap the new database into rotation. This process was a manual task that is performed every month in three regions. By using

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Installing Ruby On Rails On Window

I ran into some issues when I tried to install Ruby On Rails on Windows. These are the steps I used to finally get Ruby On Rails running on a Window box. To start you need to download the Windows

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My iPhone Apps

I’ve had my phone for a little while now. After trying out a bunch of free apps and games, I’ve found that a lot suck, some are ok, very few apps are any good. So far I’ve only looked at free apps

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Dead Relative Left Me Millions

I got an email today from an advantageous SPAMer. Apparently, I have $11.5 million dollars coming to me. I found it interesting that this email had a disclaimer at the bottom.  These guys are getting creative. At first glance the

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Windows 7 Shortcuts

List of the new Windows 7 Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts. I really like the short cut to move a window between montiors.

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Windows 7 Update

I feel a little silly. Yesterday I fixed the problems I was having with Windows 7. I had issues with the UI going funny and blacking out parts of the screen. Yesterday I looked into this issue. While in device

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Windows 7 Install Update

I’m really enjoying the Windows 7 build that I’m running. It really does seem to run smoother and quicker than Windows Vista. Even after I installed all the programs I had running on my Vista build it still feels quicker.

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Windows 7 Install

I installed Windows 7 on my work laptop. I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Windows 7 and I had to try it out. I haven’t played with Windows 7 a lot yet, but so far I

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Principle of Least Privilege

The Principle of Least privilege simply put requires that in a computing system every process, user, and program must be able to access only information and resources that are necessary to its job duty. The principle of least privilege was

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Secure Passwords

These two comics are a very good example of how people do not pick very good passwords. Thank you

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