Running Summary August 24th – 30th 2014

Total mileage for the week was 39.9 miles. I started to press on several runs and I have a better program to increase my stamina at speed. Overall it was an ok week.




Description: Run with wife and pushing a stroller.
Distance:  2.34 Miles
Total Time: 29:19 Min
Average Pace: 12:31 Min
Mile Splits: 12:36, 12:38

Description: 8 x 400 workout at the track with a 400 walk/jog recovery. Goal was 85 seconds but I was feeling really good and picked it up for the last 3 400s.
Distance: 4.98 Miles
Total Time: 52:39 Min
400 Splits: 1:20.64, 1:21.08, 1:21.35, 1:20.50, 1:20.33, 1:15.03, 1:18.62, 1:17.88


Distance: 6.17 Miles
Total Time: 57:07 Min
Average Pace: 9:15 Min
Mile Splits: 8:59, 9:03, 9:23, 8:59, 9:39, 9:33


Description: Run with wife and pushing a stroller.
Distance:  2.61 Miles
Total Time: 31:19 Min
Average Pace: 11:59 Min
Mile Splits: 11:51, 12:07


Description: Run plan was 2 faster mile in the middle of my 6 mile run. But RunKeeper messed up and had me running all over. I think my mile interval (2 and 4) times are some what right but I can’t trust the distance and some of the other mile times.
Distance: 6.01 Miles
Total Time: 45:25 Min
Average Pace: 7:33 Min
Mile Splits: 8:17, 6:42, 8:43, 6:17, 7:32, 7:49


Description: Run plan was to press for the whole run but I’m not use to running sub 8 pace for 6 miles. I stopped after 3 miles and started another activity for the return 3 miles.
Distance: 3.01 Miles
Total Time: 23:00 Min
Average Pace: 7:39 Min
Mile Splits: 7:59, 7:23, 7:36

Distance: 3.19 Miles
Total Time: 27:32 Min
Average Pace: 8:37 Min
Mile Splits: 8:59, 8:32, 8:09

Description: Run with wife and pushing a stroller. RunKeeper GPS screwed up for my first .75 mile. I edited my run to match what my wife’s RunKeeper had.
Distance:  4.08 Miles
Total Time: 48:05 Min
Average Pace: 11:47 Min


Description: Run in the rain. I was shooting for a pace between 7:45 and 8:15. I got burnt out holding too close to 7:45 for the first few miles. Not a bad run overall wish I could have paced myself better.
Distance: 7.54 Miles
Total Time: 1:04:21 Min
Average Pace: 8:32 Min
Mile Splits: 8:35, 7:59, 7:41, 9:08, 8:51, 9:06, 8:18, 8:44

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