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Finished Reading The Accidental Sorcere

Finished reading The Accidental Sorcerer (Rogue Agent) by K.E. Mills. Gerald Dunwoody, a third grade wizard and safety inspector for Ottoslands Department of Thaumaturgy. Gerald career is thrown for a loop when he inadvertently blows up a wand factory while

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New Pics

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Finished Reading Go Mad

Finished reading Go MAD – The Art of Making A Difference by Andy Gilbert. Go Mad is an introduction to Andy Gilbert’s Go Mad framework. Gilbert describes each of the seven principles in-depth and relates them to practical real world

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Finished Reading Reality Check

Finished reading Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki. The subtitle for Reality Check references outdoing your competition, but in reality the majority of the book focuses on getting a startup off the group. If you can forget about the irritating overuse

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New Site Design

I got bored of my sites design so I finally decided to change it. The original theme is call OneRoom and it was created by Jeremie Tisseau. I liked the graphics and the overall design. I had to change the

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Finished Reading SuperFreakonomics

Finished Reading SuperFreakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. SuperFreakonomics picks up where Freakonomics left off. In this book Levitt and Dubner examine bolder, funnier, and even more surprising topics than in the first book. Like Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics challenges everyday

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Finished Reading The Alchemist’s Pursuit

Finished reading The Alchemist’s Pursuit by Dave Duncan. The Alchemist’s Pursuit is the third book in Dave Duncan’s Alchemist’s series, a Venetian fantasy mystery. In this book Alfeo Zeno, apprentice to Nostradamus, is in search of a killer who’s targeting

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