Finished Reading The Copper Bracelet

Finished reading The Copper Bracelet By Jeffery Deaver. The Copper Bracelet is the sequel to The Chopin Manuscript. The book continues with Harold Middleton as he’s drawn into a terrorist plot to engage India and Pakistan in nuclear war. Travelling between Nice, London, Moscow, and Kashmir to avert a nuclear disaster, Middleton is unaware his target has changed and the terrorist plan is far more diabolical than he believes. Harold must discover the identity of the Scorpion in time to halt an event that could start World War III.

The Copper Bracelet is a collaboration of 16 writers. Jeffery Deaver started the story and allowed the other writers to create a chapter and affect the books plot. I was amazed the book was just as good, if not better than, The Chopin Manuscript. If you liked The Chopin Manuscript you will love The Copper Bracelet.

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