Finished Reading The Chopin Manuscript

Finished reading The Chopin Manuscript by Jeffery Deaver. Former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton has a previously unknown score by Frederic Chopin. But he is unaware that, locked within its handwritten notes, lies a secret that threatens the lives of thousands of Americans. Accused of murder, pursued by federal agents, and targeted by assassins Middleton races from Poland to America to uncover the mystery of the manuscript. The largest threat will come from a man known as Faust, a sinister figure out of Harold’s past.

The Chopin Manuscript is a collaboration of 15 writers. Jeffery Deaver conceived the characters and started the plot with the first chapter. The other authors each wrote a chapter building off the previous chapters. Deaver completed what he started, bringing The Chopin Manuscript to its conclusion. The Chopin Manuscript is an immensely engaging book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers.

The Chopin Manuscript

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