Finished Reading Dark Places

Finished reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. At age seven Libby Day’s mother and two older sisters were slaughtered in the family’s Kansas farmhouse, it was Libby’s testimony that sent her 15-year-old brother, Ben, to prison for life. Worried about money 24 years later, Libby reluctantly agrees to meet members of the Kill Club, crime enthusiasts who argue over famous cases. She’s stunned to learn most of them consider Ben is innocent and the real killer is still free. Initially interested only in making fast cash by hocking family memorabilia, Libby is drawn into the club’s pseudo-investigation. She begins to question what exactly she saw or didn’t see the night of her family’s murders.

Dark Places is an amazing book. The book transitions between Libby’s present day activities to the hours before from the point of view of her family members. Dark Places keeps you guessing with numerous plot twists and turns. When the truth about Libby’s family is revealed you won’t have predicted it.

Dark Places

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