Let’s make it closer

As it seems to me flirting is rather popular topic. Take here, they have a lot to think about . At its core, flirting is another way that two people can interact closely with each other. But when you understand what intentions are behind flirting, and what it can entail, everything becomes much more difficult. However, it is not always accompanied by romantic or sexual overtones, sometimes it is just a kind of friendly communication. Often, one person’s flirting implies romantic intentions, and the other – sexual, and sometimes a person does not understand that they are flirting with him. How to understand that someone is flirting with you? Of course, everyonehas his own technique, however, there are some points that are common to all. What are yours?

I began programming in C++ when I was in college. Odd for a business major, but hey I am a Dork. After college I got a job as System Administrator. As a System Administrator I was in charge of web administration. My journey as a PHP web developer had begun. Since that time I have gained an in depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, XML and MySQL. With changes and advances to technology I have also began learning AJAX. I started Blue Fire Development to do freelance work in my spare time.

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