Finished Reading The Element

Finished reading The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything By Ph. D., Ken Robinson. The Element is what Robinson identifies as the point where a talent meets personal passion. The book offers a wide range of stories about the creative journeys of different people with diverse paths to the element; including Paul McCartney, Paulo Coelho, and Vidal Sassoon as well as lesser-known examples. Robinson demonstrates a vision of human ability and creativity. The Element covers such topics as the power of creativity, circles of influence, and attitude and aptitude. Robinson emphasizes the importance of nurturing talent along with developing an understanding of how talent expresses itself differently in every individual. The book highlights the importance of mentors and reforming and transforming education, making a convincing argument bolstered by solid strategies for honing creativity.

The Element is a great read. The book covers a great topic for anyone who is getting bored with their job. Robinson mainly discusses how good it is when you find your Element but lacks information on how to discover your own Element. I assume this is because everyone has different passions and they discover them in different ways.

The Element

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