Finished Reading The Final Empire

Finished reading The Final Empire (Mistborn, Book 1) by Brandon Sanderson. I really enjoyed Elantris by Sanderson so I had to read some of his other books. The Final Empire was an excellent book I’m glad that I looked into Sanderson’s other books.

The Final Empire is set in a mist-haunted and ash-ridden world. Kelsier, “the Survivor of Hathsin,” pits himself against the immortal Lord Ruler’s and his 1,000-year domination of both the Great Houses and their serflike “skaa.” Through alomancy that Kelsier acquired in the Ruler’s most hellish prison called Hathsin Kelsier can now “burn” 10 metals. The metals fuel his superhuman powers he uses to assemble rebels in a loose plan to destroy the nobility and the empire and the Lord Ruler. Kelsier uses Vin, a street urchin with the same Mistborn powers Kelsier possesses, to infiltrate the Great Houses’, where she falls for prince Elend Venture.

At first the book seemed a little cheesy with the metal burning but as the story progressed the characters grew on me. I really enjoyed The Final Empire. I look forward to the other books in the series.

The Final Empire

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