Dead Relative Left Me Millions

I got an email today from an advantageous SPAMer. Apparently, I have $11.5 million dollars coming to me. I found it interesting that this email had a disclaimer at the bottom.  These guys are getting creative. At first glance the email looked very official. These guys must make a good amount of money off the people that fall for these. I’m sure they will get a new batch of people falling for this scam.

Dear ,
I take the liberty of writing you this very confidential mail. I implore you to give it your maximum attention as the contents are in absolute goodfaith.
For avoidance of doubts, my name is Barrister Alex Bruno, I am of the West Indies Origin but through migration of my father to Togo since 1954, I had the privilege of schooling and living here in Lome Togo ever since I was 10 years. I am a full time practicing lawyer registered with the Togolese Bar Association as well as a Member of African Independent Financial Advisors.
My purpose of writing you this confidential mail is hinged on the fact that; I was personal attorney to Eng. M.C.Talmadge, I rendered private legal services to my said client for more than 7 years. He was a Contract Staff with Shell Petroleum Corporation since the year 1993. Because of my client fluency in the local language, the management of Shell Petroleum Corporation trusted him with the responsibility of negotiating with hostile Tribal Clan Chiefs in the Host Oil Communities where Shell Expatriate staffs were always taken Hostage and on several occasions huge sums of money are exchanged hands through him to the oil communities to calm their restlessness.
Precisely on December 26th, 2003, while returning from Accra Ghana after a weekend holiday at Labadi beach Hotel, my client and members of his family (wife and daughter) died in ghastly motor accident by running into a stationery Trailer without warning sign along the Togo/Ghana Express way.After his death with members of his family, due process was followed to alert members of the public and any relation of his through Electronic Media Obituary Announcement both in the local television station here in Togo and Ghana. Also I took personal steps to announce his death through internet advert but yet up till this moment of writing no surviving relation of my said client ever came forward.
Right now his Bankers has written me requesting me to contact any serving relation of his for the purpose of transferring his estate in the sum of $11.5 million US Dollars. Due to the pressure from the Bank I decided to try one more gamble by tracking his last name through the Internet and I came in contact with you, keeping in view that you may possibly be related to my said deceased client and to further ask your hand of co-operation under utmost confidentiality to claim the outstanding sum by presenting you as the Next of Kin of my late client.
Needless to reassure you that as a Lawyer and personal attorney to my late client, all the necessary information and documents that will sufficiently prove to the officials of the Bank that you are the next of Kin to the deceased shall be obtained legally from the probate section of the High Court. I would therefore request you to give this letter serious thought and get back to me urgently. You can also reach me through this email address.( to enable me send you the needed information urgently.
Alex Bruno Esq. 
The information contained in this e-mail and in any attached files is confidential and/or legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete this e-mail. Any unauthorized copying or distribution of the information contained in this e-mail and/or in any attached file is prohibited. The sender and/or the sending company do not accept liability for the incorrect and/or incomplete transmission of the information, nor for any delay or interruption of the transmission, nor for the damages arising from the use of or reliance on the information unless mandatory law provides otherwise. E-mails may be interfered with, may contain computer viruses or other defects. The sender and/or the sending company give no warranties and do not accept liability in relation to these matters, unless mandatory law provides otherwise. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll likely be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good work

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