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Finished Reading The Well of Ascension

Finished reading The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, Book 2)by Brandon Sanderson. The Well of Ascension is book two in the Mistborn trilogy. Elend Venture, the new Lord Ruler of Luthadel, clings to power while Luthadel’s aristocrats and merchants grumble and

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Finished Reading The Final Empire

Finished reading The Final Empire (Mistborn, Book 1) by Brandon Sanderson. I really enjoyed Elantris by Sanderson so I had to read some of his other books. The Final Empire was an excellent book I’m glad that I looked into

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Washington DC Trip Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our Washington DC trip. You can click on the thumbnails to view lager and uncropped versions of the pictures. More pictures can be found on my Picasa account by clicking here

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Finished Reading The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2

One of my new years resolutions was to learn a new hobby and I picked photography. In January I purchased a Nikon D90 kit with two lenses. I love the camera and I have taken tons of pictures since I

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Finished Reading The Automatic Millionaire

Finished Reading The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach. My wife an I read The Automatic Millionaire shortly after we got married. The book was very helpful and allowed us to setup a savings plan. Its been a few years since

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Dead Relative Left Me Millions

I got an email today from an advantageous SPAMer. Apparently, I have $11.5 million dollars coming to me. I found it interesting that this email had a disclaimer at the bottom.  These guys are getting creative. At first glance the

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Finished Reading Elantris

Finished reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. The population of Elantris, once the capital of the land of Arelon, has become a powerless society of tortured souls. Although unable to die, after the city’s magic inexplicably broke 10 years ago the

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