Thinking Of Getting A Kindle

Today I got to play around with a friend’s Kindle 2. The device is very cool. The screen technology is easy to read. I can see how the Kindle would be very handy for all the PDF documents I want to read. I download the PDF docs but I never take the time to read while on my computer.

The design of the Kindle 2 is very Apple like. The metal back makes it look very durable. It seems like Amazon could have made the screen bigger, there must have been some cost restrictions with the screen. The device is smaller and lighter than I thought it would be from seeing the pictures.

After playing with the Kindle 2 I’m seriously thinking about getting one. The Sony ebook looks very slick but without the wireless purchasing and the Amazon bookstore it’s not as tempting. I really like that you can get newspapers and magazines directly on the Kindle. I’m a little worried that if I get a Kindle it will cost a fortune because Amazon makes it too easy to buy books.

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