Weekend Update

This weekend seemed busy but didn’t do a whole lot. Saturday I spent a good portion of the day trying to find a short in one of our driveway lights. It took a while and a bit of digging but it turns out the person that installed the light post had spliced the line underground. After six plus years of being in the dirt the splice started to fail causing the breaker to flip. Only the hot wire was still connected in the rock hard bundle of electrical tape.

Sunday I packed up our Dish Network stuff and got it ready to ship back to them. I’m looking forward to finally being done with Dish Network. Of course we watched the Superbowl.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

I began programming in C++ when I was in college. Odd for a business major, but hey I am a Dork. After college I got a job as System Administrator. As a System Administrator I was in charge of web administration. My journey as a PHP web developer had begun. Since that time I have gained an in depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, XML and MySQL. With changes and advances to technology I have also began learning AJAX. I started Blue Fire Development to do freelance work in my spare time.

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2 comments on “Weekend Update
  1. Annie says:

    It is so nice to be able to say Happy Birthday online to mum. My mum was born in 1929 and that is all she knows, because then they did not have any birth certificates! Probably lost during the war. So never knew which date she was born exactly. All we know it was in June.

  2. @Annie
    I really do like that my mother is active online. That is interesting about your mom. That is great that your family has been able to narrow down your mom’s birthday to a year and month.

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