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My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

Read at least book a week Lose 25 pounds Eat better Finish Project “A” Start Project “B” Learn a new hobby Keep dating my wife Focus on goals

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Sentra Hit and Run Pictures

Here are some images of the Sentra after it was hit. The tail light has been taped so it can still be driven.

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I just got off the phone with my insurance company. The claim on our Sentra is going to be covered under our uninsured motorist coverage. We won’t have to pay a deductable to repair the damage. The insurance agent said

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Hit and Run.

Our Nissan Sentra was hit last night while parked along side a residential street in Normandy Park. This morning Salli got an $1,800 quote from a body shop. We will be running this claim through insurance but it will still

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Christmas Ruined?

Christmas was not completely ruined. It snowed in Arlington on Christmas Eve making it impossible for my Mom and Step Dad to come down for Christmas brunch. Luckily the snow melted enough yesterday that they are coming today for brunch.

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Christmas Eve

Looks like Christmas and Christmas Eve are going to be slow this year. My brother in-law has a high fever so we will be spending Christmas and Christmas Eve at our house with my other brother in-law. My Mom and

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Clean Driveway

Shoveled the driveway today.  It turned out to be much more snow than it looked like.  5 to 6 inches of snow covered the entire driveway. Now may back is sore and I am tired.  I got a little too

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Snow Day

It’s been snowing on and off for the last 5 days. In total we have between 6 – 8 inches of snow at our house. My Mom’s house in Arlington has around 24 inches of snow. This is the most

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