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IE Chart

Here is a great chart that show the Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities in 2006. Weather you are a IE hater or a lover this is a very interesting chart Check it out.

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Secure Passwords

These two comics are a very good example of how people do not pick very good passwords. Thank you

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SHA-1 cracked

An article in the Epoch Times (a Chinese newspaper) about a brilliant Chinese professor who has cracked her fifth encryption scheme in ten years. She and her team have cracked the SHA-1 scheme. As a result, the U.S. government and

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Netflix Watch Now

I am a huge Netflix fan. I watch and return my movies the same day most of the time. Now it gets even better. I found this video on that shows how the new Netflix watch now system works.

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Great video of coke and mentos.

This just made me laugh so I had I add it to my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

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Vista media play back crippled

I stummbled on this article from Peter Gutmann explaining the copy protection built into Windows Vista. The article states that Vista will down grade video and audio reproduction on protected media if Vista can not protect the media. Vista also has

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Apple iPhone

It has finally been released the Apple iPhone will be out in June for Cingular. The phone looks very cool and looks like it has a great user interface. I will have to play with one before I plop down

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Hacking Traffic Lights

I found this article on SC Magazine that reminded me of Hackers the movie because in the movie the hackers hack into the street lights so they have all green lights. Here is the article that can be found at

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Gmail Security Issue

Google was using javascript to store Gmail address books while the user was logged in. As a result if a user is logged into Gmail, a malicious website could request your Gmail addressbook.Google has resolved this flaw, but it does point out the danger

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