Apple iPhone

It has finally been released the Apple iPhone will be out in June for Cingular. The phone looks very cool and looks like it has a great user interface. I will have to play with one before I plop down my $599. I like several of the features in the iPhone: multi touch screen, random access voice mail, full iPod, and the new internet browser.

I do have mixed feelings with Apple saying that they invented the multi touch display because several months ago I saw the video of Jeff Han at TED. Jeff Han is a research scientist for NYU’s Media Research Lab, and the inventor of an “interface-free” touch-driven computer screen. I hope that Jeff Han and NYU made a lot of money off Apple since they are saying they invented this technology.

Here is the video of Jeff Han demoing this UI at TED.

Here is the video of the iPhone.You make your own judgments about this multi touch technology. Is Apple stealing this technology like it did with its Original Macintosh OS. I guess this is how the technology industry works everyone reverse engineers other products.

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