Internet Anonymity

I have been playing with the TOR (the onion router) network for a while now. I like the anonymity that TOR provides but my problem was always portablity. The download you get from TOR you always had to install TOR, Vidalia, and Privoxy. Once those three are installed you have to set your proxy server settings in your browser to join the network. All of this is not much of a problem if you are on your home computer. But I wanted anonymity on computers that I may not have privileges to install software.

Last week I came across a neat blend of Firefox and TOR. Torpark is a great little app that you can unzip to your desktop or a flash drive and run with out an install process. I installed Torpark on my 1GB flash drive it can take several minutes for it to connect to the TOR routers.  Once connected it seems to be a very good solution to my problem. The browsing seems just as fast using the TOR install.

Torpark is built on Firefox 1.5 and it does tend to take a little while to connect to the network. I think if Torparks developers continue to work on this app it will be a great program for portable internet anonymity.

I began programming in C++ when I was in college. Odd for a business major, but hey I am a Dork. After college I got a job as System Administrator. As a System Administrator I was in charge of web administration. My journey as a PHP web developer had begun. Since that time I have gained an in depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, XML and MySQL. With changes and advances to technology I have also began learning AJAX. I started Blue Fire Development to do freelance work in my spare time.