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HD DVD and Blu-ray AACS Copy Protection

Earlier this month a hacker named muslix64 claimed to have cracked the AACS protection used in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs.Muslix64’s hack first surfaced on December 18 on YouTube, showing the decryption of an HD DVD movie, and promising more details

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Top 100 Network Security Tools

I have read that you need to know security tools if you are going to break into the IT/ Network Security field. I have found this website The site ranks and updates the top 100 network security tools. This

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My Christmas was very good. We got to see all the family and enjoy some excellent food.  I all in all I did not get a lot of presents but I got what I wanted. I was looking to raise some

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Grandmother Passed away…

Last night, Decemeber 22nd 2006, my Grandmother passed away. She went in peace. She left behind three daughters, and myself. She was  a loving and caring wife, mother and grandmother. She will be greatly missed. She will rejoin my Grandfather who

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Gmail Tips

I found this great little website that has 55 tips for Gmail. Check it out.

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Power is back

Thursday night (12/14/06) a big wind storm in the Seattle area caused power outages to nearly 1 million homes. Strong winds blew over a large tree in our neighbors yard that fell across power lines and blocked the road near our house.

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Hacking Gift Cards

I read a recent post that detailed how to hack gift cards. The post shocked me how insecure the gift cards are. I hope the release of posts detailing how to hack gift cards will bring about a change in

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Get other email accounts in your Gmail

Gmail is releasing a new feature that allows users to add up to 5 email accounts that Gmail can pull email from. The feature only works with POP3 email accounts but this means you can pull your work email or

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Internet Anonymity

I have been playing with the TOR (the onion router) network for a while now. I like the anonymity that TOR provides but my problem was always portablity. The download you get from TOR you always had to install TOR, Vidalia,

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In this level our background information is: This time Network Security sam has saved the unencrypted level7 password in an obscurely named file saved in this very directory.In other unrelated news, Sam has set up a script that returns the

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