HackThisSite.org Basic Web Level 3

In this level our background information is:

This time Network Security Sam remembered to upload the password file, but there were deeper problems than that.

In this level Sam has used the same script as level 2 but this time he uploaded the password file. He has made several mistakes that you can exploit to get to the next level.

Hint: Check the source code look for the script that the form posts to and any other interesting items in the source.

I began programming in C++ when I was in college. Odd for a business major, but hey I am a Dork. After college I got a job as System Administrator. As a System Administrator I was in charge of web administration. My journey as a PHP web developer had begun. Since that time I have gained an in depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, XML and MySQL. With changes and advances to technology I have also began learning AJAX. I started Blue Fire Development to do freelance work in my spare time.