HackThisSite.org Basic Web Level 2

In this level our background information is:

Network Security Sam set up a password protection script. He made it load the real password from an unencrypted text file and compare it to the password the user enters. However, he neglected to upload the password file…

Sam has smartened up and removed the password from the comments like in level one. He has set up a new script that checks the user entered password with the one saved in a file. But like the background said he forgot to upload the password file.

Hint: What should you type in if you are checking something that does not exist.

I began programming in C++ when I was in college. Odd for a business major, but hey I am a Dork. After college I got a job as System Administrator. As a System Administrator I was in charge of web administration. My journey as a PHP web developer had begun. Since that time I have gained an in depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, XML and MySQL. With changes and advances to technology I have also began learning AJAX. I started Blue Fire Development to do freelance work in my spare time.