3D Pinball Space Cadet Hack

Pinball Image

So you want to show off your hacking skills to your friends? Maybe you don’t know any hacks or maybe you do know some hacks but want to know more. Well here is a fun little hack for the built in Windows XP pinball game 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

Open Pinball by going to Start –> All Programs –> Games –> Pinball. After the game loads press F2 to start a new game. Once the new game loads type “hidden test”. So what does this hack do? This hack or cheat code enters you into a test mode that the developers of the pinball game used to test the game. With this hack you can do several things the most fun is move the pinball with your mouse. Here are some other things you can do:

m – Displays message box with amount of system memory.
r – Increases your rank in the game.
y – Shows and Removes the frame rate of the game in window title. (does not work right way all the time)
h – Enters 1,000,000,000 into spot two of high-score. Real scores will push this out of the table.
There is no known way to exit this hidden test mode. This mode is a little buggy I had to close the game several times because the game became a nearly solid pink block.

Other Cheat Codes

The following codes do not work in hidden test mode discussed above.

Unlimited Balls – Type bmax in the full screen game mode. Extra balls will come out of wormhole above right flipper. Note: The only way to exit this mode is to Tilt the game and high score is disabled in this mode.

Extra Ball – Type 1max during your game.

Promotion – Type rmax during your game. Note seems to work best before you launch the ball.

Gravity Well – Type gmax at start of the game.

Happy Hacking…

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